Tariq Nasir

Born in New York to an American mother and Palestinian father, Tariq Nasir grew up in Pales- tine until just after the 1967 war when his family became refugees and relocated to Jordan.
He attended university in London, received a BBA in International Business in 1985 and
pursued a career in banking.

In 2004, after a successful career in the financial industry, Tariq decided to retire from his position at a large investment firm and live with the purpose he had taught his children for
years – make a positive difference in the world. The result is his first film – belonging – a
story of hope and home, longing and belonging.

Tariq now lives in the United States with his wife and two children.

Unusuality Productions

Unusuality Productions, Tariq Nasir’s production company, was created to give voice to stories that aren’t often heard and to bring people together through the sharing of personal
experiences. Its goal is to help promote peace and understanding by creating positive interactions between people – interactions that help make the world a better place.

With so much conflict in the world, and war being so profitable, Tariq wants to remind people
that it is human beings, families, fathers, mothers and children, who are caught up in the violence.

According to Tariq, “At Unusuality Productions, we feel the key to peace is being open to
hearing – not just listening, but really hearing all sides in a conflict. Humans have so much
more in common than the differences that keep them apart. We should all have the right to be proud of the groups we belong to, and at the same time allow others to be proud of the
groups they belong to.”

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